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The Menehune of Hawi'ian folklore were a dwarf people that lived in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands. They were full of smiles and joy, and built temples, fishponds, roads, canoes, and houses, in the dark of the night, and hid from human eyes. They loved swimming, adventuring, and at times being mischevious. We felt that this was the perfect name for the youngest division of the ABJG Program. 

Buy a lid to represent the Menehune spirit for your kid. 

2024 Menehune Beach Camp Lid

  • The ABJG clothing line has been inspired by 23 years of Avila Beach Junior Guard STOKE.  Forged from the memories on the sand, in the sea, and under the Avila Beach sun, our is portal to whatever memeories you hold of Avila Beach. 

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