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ABJG Group Descriptions

Be Safe. Have Fun. Be and Do Your Best. 

MENEHUNE Beach Camp (6 - 8 years of age)
The Menehune Beach Camp has been specially designed for 6-8 year old kiddos. This camp takes in to consideration that many littles are nervous about JGs, the sea, and large groups. So we designed a beach camp that introduces the littles to exercise, teamwork, adventure, and the sea, in a fun and compassionate manner. 

C-Group (9 - 11 years of age)
The ABJG C-Group has been designed to provide an amazingly positive introduction to the official - Junior Lifeguard Experience. The mission of the C-Group is to teach kiddos how to swim the sea, run the sand, and paddle through the surf safely and with confidence. Additionally, the C-Group incorporates many team-building activities that utilize lifeguard equipment and skills, to help build self-esteem, social skills, and more. Oh yeah, this group is also widely known for helping kiddos discover strengths and abilities they never knew they had. 

B-Group (12 - 13 years of age)
The ABJG B-Group is known as our BUILDER group. This is the group where kiddos learn a whole lot more about themselves socially and athletically. They swim a little further. Run a little longer. And learn how to support each other a whole lot more. 

A/AA-Group (14 - 17 years of age)
The A/AA Group is known as the ACADEMY. This group delves into the skills, mindset, and tempo of being a lifeguard. Through dedicated instruction, scenarios, and exercises, kiddos in this group will learn more about water safety, leadership, and skills, critical to becoming a lifeguard. Most importantly - This group will help provide those aspiring to become Junior Guard Aides, the opportunity to learn, test, and interview for these highly coveted positions in the ABJG Program. 


The baseline goals for all of our groups are to... 


  1. BE SAFE



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